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TPOS releases

for more exhaustive details, check out TPOS on Discogs.

TPOS 001: BROKEN TALENT "Blood Slut" 7" single released 3/1/84. I'm told that if we had released this record 4 months earlier. it would be worth thousands of dollars.

TPOS 003: "Music To Kill Brain Cells" compilation cassette

TPOS 009: "Music to Kill Brain Cells"  with NO TALENT and VERBAL CIRCUS, a couple of one- off fun bands who would play open mic nights or pretend they were MORBID OPERA.

TPOS 010: "Florida vs. The Rest Of The World" BROKEN TALENT

TPOS 012: "Political Whether You Like It Or Not" compilation. My involvement: BUNNYBRAINS and KING HATREDS. Every time I hear the KIng Hatreds, I realize that we weren't a bad little band. Always a pleasant surprise.

TPOS 017: BROKEN TALENT "Good, Bad, Awful". Complete discography. The title says it all.

TPOS 024: "Save Your Ass..." compilation. With some early attempts at spoken word.

TPOS 027: "Sounds To Make You Shiver" 7" compilation. With the first version of BB Gun (it was me and Her Tears), performing a Siouxsie And The Banshees number.

TPOS 033: BRIAN DOUGLAS CLEMONS "Rest In Peace" video. I held the camera and asked the questions. I'm also the only one in this video who's still alive.

TPOS 040: "I Hear Bells" compilation cassette

TPOS 045: EG THE POET "Eg Lays A Chicken" video. Check out my drumming skills.

TPOS 048: BUNNY BRAINS "Grab Bag". I co- founded this band but I have had nothing to do with them for a very long time.

TPOS 056: BUNNY BRAINS "Walking Through The 50 Foot Thick Styrofoam Wall" live cd series. All archival recordings, one show per cd.


TPOS 063: CHICK'N DUTY FAGET "Greased Wheezer"

TPOS 066: BB GUN "Lucky 4" demo. The second version of BB Gun and at the time, my masterpiece. I can't bear to listen to it now!

TPOS 074: "Yule Log Mayhem"

TPOS 093-8: GG ALLIN 8 track. The only appearance of the backing tracks we cut for an unreleased GG Allin record. To this day I regret that he never recorded the vocals.

TPOS 098: ULTRABUNNY "Thrill Of It All" 7" single. A limited edition of 25 copies. Turned out inadvertently lo fi.

TPOS 099: ULTRABUNNY "Travel Size Nightmare" 7" single. See above.

TPOS 106: HARVEY SID FISHER "East Coast Live '95". I was honored and thrilled to play bass behind Harvey Sid Fisher for a couple of tours.

TPOS 107: BOBBY "Clear The Corner"  7" flexi. Concept: a pair of British cops take a holiday in Los Angeles. There they learn more efficient techniques for mutilating suspects, which they take back to Old Blighty and apply liberally. I was one of them. Paul Ledney from Profanatica denies that he's the other.

TPOS 111: BOBBY "British Shootfighting Series Vol.1" cassette. ditto to the above.

TPOS 112: HARVEY SID FISHER "Party Hard" 3 song 7". See TPOS 106.

TPOS 126: BB GUN 7 song mini album. Pretty much got it right this time.

TPOS 127: MALCOLM TENT solo acoustic series. 74 songs in my book and counting. This is a series of cd's in which I attempt to document them all as they change over time.

TPOS 127.5: ULTRABUNNY/ WOLVERINE CARCASS split 7".  A limited edition of 50 copies. See TPOS 098.

TPOS 128: ULTRABUNNY "Unsafe At Any Age"/ "Volume Merchants" LP.

TPOS 129: MALCOLM TENT "House Party" CD. 20 solo acoustic songs.

TPOS 130: MALCOLM TENT "Chicken Sink" CD. 20 more solo acoustic songs.

TPOS 131: INFRABUNNY "Fried Man" CD. My noise/ sound scuplture project.

TPOS 132: MALCOLM TENT "25 Cents A Song? You Can't Go Wrong!" CD. A four song solo acoustic sampler.

TPOS 133: ULTRABUNNY live CD series. All archival recordings, one show per cd. I make 10 copies per disc then retire them.

TPOS 135: MALCOLM TENT/ TIM HOLEHOUSE split cassette. There is also a non- TPOS version made for our 2018 tour of the UK.

TPOS 139: MALCOLM TENT "Record Breaking" CD/ cassette.

TPOS 148: FRIED MAN "Squeaky Music" CD/ cassette.

TPOS 149: MALCOLM TENT "Pose Hard" CD/ cassette.

TPOS 156: FRIED MAN "Groove Music" CD/ cassette.

TPOS 159: MALCOLM TENT "Radio Blah Blah" CD/ cassette.

TPOS 160: ULTRABUNNY "One Note Wonders" CD/ cassette.

TPOS 173: FRIED MAN "Tight Spindle" CD/ cassette.

TPOS 181: FRIED MAN "Raga Jonestown" CD/ cassette. Specially commissioned for Beth Houghtaling's "Jonestown: What Flavor Are You Drinking?" art installation.

TPOS 182: FRIED MAN "Dry Music" CD/ cassette.

TPOS 184: ULTRABUNNY "Ears Bleeding" CD/ cassette.

TPOS 185: ULTRABUNNY "Bleeding Ears" CD/ cassette.

TPOS 201: KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD "Polygondwanaland". I made different ambient remixes for all the different formats I released of their excellent open- source album. 8 track, cassette, cd, dvd

        audio.... I got it all. Details found at Discogs, of course.

TPOS 207: various artists "The Multiple Moods Of Malcolm Tent". A retrospective of the first 36 years of my career in rock. Features quite a few of the above and below bands.

TPOS 214: THE RESIDENTS "Eskidisko" cassette. In keeping with the spirit of "I Am A Resident", The Residents released a deconstructed version of their seminal "Eskimo" album. Purchasers were invited to make their

        own mixes using the tracks supplied on the LP and CD. Being one to seize any opportunity offered me, I did just that and released the results on one of my typically DIY cassettes. Hey, they asked for it...



"A WHIPLASH CHRISTMAS III" With exclusive track "The OCD Of Christmas".

AAAHH..... REAL RECORDS: split tour cd with TIM HOLEHOUSE, exclusive to our 2018 UK tour.

        "Introduction To Malcolm Tent" CD. Recorded for my 2019 tour of the UK and Europe.

         MALCOLM TENT/ TIM HOLEHOUSE split 8" record. Exclusive to our 2019 tour of the UK and Europe.

        AAAHH..... REAL is a very cool label. Check them out here.

ANTiSEEN: "Live From Quarantine 1" LP (TKO Records)

ANTiSEEN: "Live From Quarantine 2" LP (TKO Records)

ANTiSEEN: "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way" 7" (TKO Records)

ANTiSEEN: "Guyana Grape" split 10" with BEFORE I HANG (Jackhammer Records, Japan)

AX/ CTION RECORDS: "Audio Espionage" 8" E.P. Includes a BOBBY track.

FLORIDA'S DEAD RECORDS: BROKEN TALENT "Broken Talent Rules No One" anthology LP. Check it out: Florida's Dying

CHEMICAL IMBALANCE: "C.I." 7" EP with a BROKEN TALENT TRACK, released in 1986.

"CONNECTICUT SUCKS" double CD comp. I don't think Connecticut sucks at all, but I donated a solo acoustic track to this compilation anyway.

EQUATION RECORDS: BUNNYBRAINS 88 10". A good record on a good label with a bad band name. Since changed to Ultrabunny and much happier for it.

CREEPDUST: 5 song demo CD. I play bass.

"FLUNK'D GUNK": compilation cassette with exclusive ULTRABUNNY tracks.

"FORBIDDEN FRUITS OF ROCK AND ROLL": compilation CD with exclusive MALCOLM TENT and ULTRABUNNY tracks.

"Here To Ruin Your Groove Vol. 7": compilation CD with exclusive ANTiSEEN and THEY HATE US tracks, both recorded by Malcolm Tent.

HCT TAPES: "Human Cranial Therapy" cassette compilation. With a Broken Talent track from 1985.


"HYPED TO DEATH": bootleg CD with a Broken Talent track.

"KILLED BY FLORIDA": bootleg LP with a Broken Talent track.

KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD "Polygondwanaland" with MT remixes, different remix for different formants. Check 'em out here.

"MK Ultra Overdrive Vol. 1" CD comp with exclusive version of "The Ballad Of GG Palin".

"MK Ultra Overdrive Vol. 3" CD comp with exclusive song "Waiting For The End Of The World" (not the Elvis Costello song).

MYSTERY SCHOOL RECORDS: "Forbidden Fruits Of Rock And Roll

NOISEVILLE RECORDS: ULTRABUNNY "Outer Bounds Of Sound" LP. Thanks to Jim Gibson for releasing our first full length LP. I'm quite happy with it.

PROFANATICA "Fuck The Messiah" 7" single.

THE RESIDENTS "I Am A Resident" CD/ LP. My contribution made the cut, so now I can honestly say that I AM A RESIDENT. Read about it here.

SPUDLAND PRODUCTIONS: "Devotional: A Decade of DEVOtion" double DVD comp. Contains an MT solo acoustic performance.

T.V.E.C. : "Hometown Talent Show" cassette. With an early Malcolm Tent solo track, ca. 1992.

RELATED RECORDS: "Dick" compilation CD/ 8 track. With an exclusive version of "Achilles' Dick".

"Waltstock" compilation CD. With an exclusive version of "Hungry Freaks, Daddy".

"WHIPLASH ARTISTS SING THE WHO" . With exclusive version of "Peg Leg Peggy".

"XMAS TUNES VOL. 2". Released in Norway only. Samples heavily from various TPOS Christmas releases. Includes "Jingle Bells" by the King Hatreds.


MT FIELD UNIT DISCOGRAPHY- releases by other bands that I've recorded


ANTiSEEN "Payin' Tolls" cassette. Before I was in the band, I was a rabid fan. With a tape recorder.

APSE "The Red Scroll". This is one hell of a piece of symphonic surf rock.

DAMN BROADS "Live".cassette. Proudly released on TPOS.

EXIT 17 "Last Show" cassette.

FUGAZI double bootleg 7" (they took my tape and made a SHITE sounding bootleg of it)

HEINOUS NOISE cassette. Proudly released on TPOS.

JUDGE "What We Said And Where It Went" CD

KOHOUTEK "Oumuamua" cassette. Proudly released on TPOS.

NELSON SLATER "Mr. Tent's Wild Ride" live session cassette. Proudly released on TPOS.

PETER STUBB "Wild Ass North Georgian" cassette. Proudly released on TPOS.

PLUMS live cassette

PROFANATICA "Live" CD/ cassette

PROFANATICA "Live Ejaculation" LP/ CD

PSIRENS "On Air" cassette/ CD.

PSIRENS "El Centro" cassette/ CD.

PSIRENS "L.A." video soundtrack, which is a truly beautiful work of art.

STEAM AGE TIME GIANT live cassette. Proudly released on TPOS.


TIM HOLEHOUSE "'Come' Live In Cambridge" CD

v/a Revelation Records 25th Anniversary LP (East Coast and West Coast editions),


HELLSTOMPER "One Take, Motherfuckers. Live As Hell" CD/ LP

v/a "Live At Spanky's Dive Bar" promo, official



TIME OUT TIMMY "Live At Shufflefest 2017" CD

ADRENALIN O.D. "Sittin' Pretty" CD. I recorded the live tracks.


ANTISEEN- "World Wide Live Ass Kickin'" 7"



FATALITEES "Yeah. Right" LP. I did all the tape transfers.



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