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The History Of Trash Part One:


In the Beginning there was TPOS. In 1984, my band BROKEN TALENT had a desperate need to put out a record. We went into our drummer's living room, had her brother put a couple of microphones near our instruments, and played our three good songs over and over until we got them right. We took the tape to the local pressing plant, made 500 copies, and TPOS was whelped. 22 years and 126 releases later, we're still doing it. We put out what we like and that's that.


Part Two: Then there was TRASH AMERICAN STYLE  


  A couple of years later, Broken Talent broke up. I couldn't stand working my stupid job any more and Kathy couldn't stand hers. Florida was driving me nuts and it wasn't doing Kathy any good either. Rather than stew in our own juices, we decided to pool our resources and make a break for it. A break from the tedium of the workaday world and a break from the dead end sewer of Miami, Florida. We sold most of our worldly possessions, loaded the rest into a moving van, and hit the road heading North. Destination: Connecticut.   We found a crappy old storefront in Brookfield, unloaded the remainder of our worldly possessions into it, and called the result Trash American Style. Trash blossomed and grew until two and a half years later we had so much underground culture that we needed a bigger flowerbed for it all. We moved to Danbury and 20 years later there we were.



And so it came to pass that in February of 2007, Trash American Style was maneuvered out of its lease at 12 Mill Plain Road in Danbury. 18 years of being a good tenant meant absolutely nothing when push came to shove and now our fair town is gaining a bigger print shop. Trash American Style lives on, however, taking its act on the road. You'll see us at any number of record shows, festivals, schools, gigs, and internets (sic) continuing to spread the cultural wealth far and wide. And who knows? If the right brick 'n' mortar storefront comes our way, you'll see us standing behind the counter once more. The story continues. Keep checking here for updates.




email: trash@trashamericanstyle.com

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