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upcoming performance activity:


9/16/22: DEVOtional Devo fan gathering, Cleveland OH. I'm playing a weird ALL DEVO solo set. More info here:

10/12/22: Molten Java, Bethel, CT with Tim Holehouse 

10/13/22: Belltower Records, Adams, MA with Tim Holehouse

10/14/22: News Cafe, Providence, RI with Tim Holehouse

10/15/22: Willimantic Records, Willimantic, CT with Tim Holehouse

10/16/22: New Brunswick, NJ with Tim Holehouse

10/17/22: Wilkes- Barre, PA with Tim Holehouse

10/18/22: Stroudsburg, PA with Tim Holehouse

10/19/22: Lancaster, PA with Tim Holehouse


11/3/22: ANTiSEEN at Reggie's, Wilmington, NC

11/5/22: Brass Mug, Tampa, FL. ANTiSEEN headline Scumstock 2022. With KNOWLEDGE IS FOR FOOLS, VILLAGE OF WEEDVILLE, WITHOUT MF ORDER, SCURVY, A KILLING TRADITION, and many many more:


if you have a gig for me to  play, please get in touch.

late breaking news can be found here:



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