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Here are a few lovely products that I, Malcolm Tent, am involved in. Buy or regret!


MALCOLM TENT "House Party" 20 song CD. My stunning, stellar debut as an acoustic guitar slinger. $5.00

MALCOLM TENT "Chicken Sink" 20 song CD. My sophomore solo cd, jinx not included. $5.00

MALCOLM TENT "Feel The Power" 20 song CD. My latest offering, 20 hip, hep, happening hits! $5.00

ULTRABUNNY "The Fourth Dimension"/ "Ton O' Luv" 7" single. My fabulous band playing fabulous songs by the fabulous DEVO. 500 pressed on random colored vinyl. $5.


ULTRABUNNY "Volume Merchants" LP. Recorded live on site in the dead of winter, this album smokes! All improvised chaos and rock music. I play bass. First pressing of 300 copies, each hand numbered. $8.00

ULTRABUNNY "Outer Bounds Of Sound" LP. One time only pressing on Noiseville Records. 300 made. $8.00

ULTRABUNNY live CD series. I record every show that I play with Ultrabunny. The recordings that meet my rigorous technical and artistic standards are made into CD's. I make 10 numbered copies of each and then retire them. Each CD has full color tray artwork and printed labels. You'd be silly not to purchase several. $5.00

BROKEN TALENT "Good, Bad, Awful" 24 song CD. For better or worse, here's the entire recorded output of my old Florida band. $8.00

HARVEY SID FISHER "Party Hard" 7". I was thrilled to play bass with Harvey's touring band and to back him up on this record. $3.50

BOBBY "Clear The Corner" 7" flexi. 2 British cops take a holiday in Los Angeles and learn how tro deal with suspects more efficiently. They return to Old Blighty and record songs about their sadistic expoits. Are BOBBY really members of Ultrabunny and Profanatica? We plead the fifth. $2.00






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