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upcoming performance activity:

5/6/17: Jonestown: What Flavor Are You Drinking? gallery showing of art based on the deaths in Guyana. I'm providing the soundtrack www.facebook.com/events/671626909695725/

5/12/17: Cook's Cafe, Naugatuck, CT with LAMB BOMBS and THE OTHER SIDE.

5/13/17: Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY with BRIAN CHASE/ PETER AARON DUO, MATT LIUCZAK TRIO, WOLVERINE CARCASS, and a host of others. I'll be playing a FRIED MAN noise set.

5/19/17: Billy Bean's, Danbury, CT . ULTRABUNNY rock it with RUCKZUCK and one more TBA. www.facebook.com/events/310678769350320/

6/8/17: Neverending Books, New Haven, CT with LEAHJOY PATTERSON, ATOM RUSH, and CARMEL LIBURDI.

6/10/17: Shuffle Fest, Bath, NH with a ton o' cool bands! https://www.facebook.com/events/1285721921515504/

MALCOLM TENT  "Gettin' All Devolved" tour!

 (all dates tentative. if you want for me to play your town, hit me up: mt@malcolmtent.net)

7/28/17: DEVOtional, Cleveland, OH

7/29/17: DEVOtional, Cleveland, OH

7/30/17: Columbus, OH

7/31/17: Cincinatti, OH

8/1/17: Nashville, TN

8/2/17: Chattanooga, TN

8/3/17: Asheville, NC

8/4/17: Charlotte, NC

8/5/17: Raleigh, NC

8/6/17: Philadelphia, PA

late breaking news can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/people/Malcolm-Tent/674108688